Dub Smarter: Actors’ Emotions, AI Efficiency

Cost Reductions up to 60%
Faster Production Turnaround up to 70%
Volume Unlimited -

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Unleash AI Dubbing and Talent-Driven Solutions

Our AI technology captures genuine emotions and characters’ charisma. Dubformer's AI dubbing brings directorial ideas to life, ensuring seamless content that keeps your audience engaged.

What makes AI Dubbing a winning solution?

Significant cost reduction
of up to 60% with reliably high quality.
Faster turnaround by up to 70%, seamlessly meeting release schedules
Comprehensive content coverage: rapid scaling to handle large content volumes

Full-service AI Dubbing with voice talent

AI dubbing that's natural like never before, thanks to the voice talent on board:
Full localization & adaptation
Double QC
Emotions delivered by actors


The Dubformer team did a great job in their work and managed to capture the peculiar humor and tone of the show with AI. This is a great achievement and we are very happy with the results.
Bernd Vendeln

Get your content ready for the new season with AI Dubbing

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