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End-to-end solution for the media industry that guarantees broadcast quality at high speed
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Why choose Dubformer as your localization solution?

Dubformer is a secure AI-powered dubbing solution with human quality control that focuses on media and entertainment localization.
Unlocking business opportunities:
Expanding into new markets and channels
Testing innovative business models
Optimizing traditional processes:
Cutting costs by up to 60%
Reducing dubbing turnaround time by up to 50%
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Our solutions

AI dubbing

Create realistic and natural-sounding voice-overs for media content in different languages.
Accurate and culturally sensitive translations
Human quality control of AI voice
AI mixing for immersive soundscapes

AI-powered subtitles
& closed captions

Make video content more accessible, engaging, and informative for diverse audiences.
Verification and adaptation by humans
Professional spotting

AI Generated & Human Curated

All AI-powered scripts and translations are checked and verified by localization experts
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AI Dubbing Advantages

AI-powered dubbing

Traditional dubbing
Multiple voices included in the price
Post-delivery corrections
Voice performance

End-to-end localization service for the media industry

Localization cost reduction by 17%, broadcast quality voice-over, human-like translation, and expansion into new markets
“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Dubformer. Our mission is to provide our viewers around the world with the highest quality programming in their preferred language. With the help of Dubformer’s unique AI technology and approach involving human proof-listeners, we can increase our output without compromising on the quality of our content”
Raimund Koehler,
CEO of Motorvision Group
More than 100 hours of premium factual content localization and new potential revenue streams
We’re constantly reviewing trends and viewing habits across the platforms and territories. AI dubbing provides us with a cost-effective, quick turnaround and scalable opportunity to enter new markets. Not only does it allow us to service the existing demands of viewers but it also allows us to test genres with new audiences and find new potential revenue streams for IP owners allowing their content to travel further.”
Alex Hryniewicz
Director of Content at 
Little Dot Studios
Cost-Effective Localization and High-Speed Production
A French wellness content broadcaster with a global audience faced a challenge: how to maintain the quality while cutting the cost of content localization for the new season? They needed a reliable partner who could deliver broadcast quality voice-over on a tight schedule.

We proposed an attractive per-minute rate for AI Dubbing with human review. This service provides broadcast quality while delivering faster than a traditional dubbing studio.

The broadcaster has achieved remarkable localization results with a 23% reduction in costs. Our solution’s impressive translation and voice-over quality met their highest standards. Today, our dubs are used on international TV channels and Amazon Prime, amplifying our customer’s global reach . We ensured timely delivery, completing a total of 156 minutes of content in time for the new season. We are pleased that the company has already placed service orders for next year.
Expanding the Horizons for Specialized Media Content
This London-based creative studio focuses on producing high-quality animated content. One of their clients is a global medical education organization. Initially launched in English, their content needed to be accessible worldwide.

Traditional dubbing was not financially feasible, and subtitling was not a fit with the content type and viewer preference. The studio decided to test our AI dubbing; with inspiring initial results, the client proceeded with the project.

We delivered on time, meeting quality expectations within the client’s budget – our approach saved 30-55% in costs depending on the language, compared to non-AI services. To ensure accuracy, we uploaded a medical glossary for AI dubbing in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages. As a bonus of our collaboration, the studio can now offer localization as part of its service portfolio.
Launching Innovative Media Localization
A global language service provider (LSP) in the entertainment industry space came to us with a project. They needed to localize a client’s English-language romantic movies into German.

To enhance its offerings, the LSP ordered our AI Dubbing technology on 15 movies (90mins each). Localization implied dubbing and subtitling, which is a challenge since these could not be done simultaneously but do need to be synced. The order timeline was just 1 month. We utilized our AI-powered engine to efficiently generate subtitles – creating a transcript, identifying the speakers, and marking timecodes. Then the dubbing script was fed to the AI engine to sync the subtitles with the dubbing. The final touch was human verification of the translation and spotting.

As a result, both the contractor and the end client were not limited by the project volume, thanks to our flexibility. The LSP was satisfied with the quality and added our AI-dubbing technology to their product toolbox as an essential innovative solution. So, it helps to quickly scale localization without losing high-quality and increasing revenue.
Innovative YouTube Content Monetization Method in New Markets
The owner of a YouTube channel with 700K subscribers made the strategic decision to enter the Latin American market. The diversity of Spanish language variants in the region presented a challenge, along with a need for a cost-effective solution.

We provided our automatic high-quality AI voice-over platform that allows the translation of lengthy videos (up to 4 hours long). Additionally, our solution offers the capability to translate content into different language variants. The soundalike feature also helps match the original speaker.

The outcome was remarkable: our client swiftly launched two additional YouTube channels, effectively monetizing the same content multiple times. Within a few months, one of the channels with translated content gained 119K subscribers. Our collaboration continues: the client has 2,000 mins translated into two languages every month

How does AI Dubbing technology work?

Broadcast quality and security guaranteed
End-to-end localization
Driven by advanced AI-technology
Controlled and adjusted by humans (native speakers)
Fast post-delivery adjustments

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