Innovate with AI solutions

Slashing localization costs up to 3 times
The perfect solution for media LSPs, dubbing studios, and post-production experts

Integrate AI into your processes and witness radical change

Before AI and Dubformer
Inefficiency: Struggling to increase your revenue and facing resource constraints.
Competition: The market is already saturated, and there's no chance to attract big accounts.
Financial Struggles: Low business margins
AI Confusion: How to effectively implement AI into your business.
With AI and Dubformer
Cost-Effective Localization: Cut localization costs and turnaround time
Innovative Leadership: Be a trendsetter in the market and for your clients.
Elevated Business: Leverage our successful AI experience to transform your business.
Ready-to-go AI Solution: No need to reinvent the wheel. Integrate our AI dubbing solution to begin applying or selling it.

AI localization gives undeniable results. For voice-over production it:

Cuts costs by up to 60%*
Processes an unlimited volume of content
With delivery speed that’s​ 3 times faster
* The impact is comparable across various business scenarios when transitioning to AI post-production.
AI in the Localization Industry
Top media companies and associations are already using AI-powered solutions or writing about them

What we offer our partners

Access to proprietary AI tools and services, utilized by media and entertainment companies
Brand-new AI solutions tailored to your specific business goals

Dubformer helps apply AI into your business models by:

Speeding up the process
of AI adoption with a strong developer team
Sharing expert guidance
for AI implementation
Showing how to apply
AI for optimization

Why is Dubformer such a great partner?

Proven track record of bringing AI value to Media and Entertainment leaders
Versatile, in-house R&D team and proprietary solutions
Strong expertise; 10+ years of experience, including in the AI audio and speech domains


“We’re constantly reviewing trends and viewing habits across the platforms and territories. AI dubbing provides us with a cost-effective, quick turnaround and scalable opportunity to enter new markets. Not only does it allow us to service the existing demands of viewers but it also allows us to test genres with new audiences and find new potential revenue streams for IP owners allowing their content to travel further.”
“We have been experimenting with AI dubbing tools since the early days and are aware of their limitations for certain types of content. In our quest for an end-to-end localization service that seamlessly blends AI with the human touch, we’ve tested various solutions. With Dubformer, we witnessed a significant improvement in the quality and emotional variability of synthesized voices.”
“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Dubformer. Our mission is to provide our viewers around the world with the highest quality programming in their preferred language. With the help of Dubformer’s unique AI technology and approach involving human proof-listeners, we can increase our output without compromising on the quality of our content”

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