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AI Dubbing Course

for Actors, Sound Engineers, and all creative industry professionals
Join our first online course to learn about AI dubbing, enhance your skills for a new career, and scale your income!
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Get ready for a new career:

AI Voice Acting
for Voice Talent
AI Dubbing Direction
for Sound Engineers
AI Voice Editing
for  Translators & Adapters
AI Localization Management
for LPMs
Note that this course suits all global talent, no matter which languages you work in

Why AI Dubbing?

Key Learning Points:

AI will never replace Voice Actors or other professions!
The nuance and knowledge humans bring is too valuable.
New AI-driven professions require new skills,
so stay competitive and learn more.
Knowing the legal and ethical aspects of AI is essential
for professional security.
We’ll address questions about the new generation of AI and share how to take advantage of the transforming industry.
By the end of the course, you'll have a certificate and all the necessary knowledge to kickstart your new career as an AI Dubbing Voice Talent, AI LPM, AI Dubbing Director, AI Sound Engineer, or AI Voice Editor.

Book Your Spot Now
July 8
The First Cohort of Voice Talent
July 22
The First Cohort of Translators
August 5
The First Cohort ofSound Engineers and LPMs


Course Price:
Includes access to the course webinars, complete recordings, and issued certificate.
Special Access:
Available for all students (actors, sound engineers) and community organizers and members

If you are a student or community organizer, you can access the course for free.

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