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AI Dubbing with a Human Touch:
Empowering Your Localization Success

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What can AI Dubbing do for you?
What part do human collaborators play?

What can AI Dubbing do for you? What part do human collaborators play?

We'll demonstrate the magic of AI Dubbing paired with Human Experts. Our speakers will provide insights and tips to improve the dubbing accuracy of your video content by up to 99% (yes, even complex videos!).

Topics we cover:

  • What is AI Dubbing, what content to use it for, and where to use it
  • What "Human Touch" AI Dubbing is  and steps to apply it to video content
  • The future of AI Dubbing technology and upcoming developments

Our speakers

Photo of a young woman


Head of Localization
& Human Touch Platform
at Dubformer
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CBDO at Dubformer

Why This Is for You

  • You work on Localization or Content Strategy within your company and want to stay on top of industry trends.
  • You're looking to upgrade and scale your localization process in a cost efficient way without sacrificing quality.
  • You've just started working with localization, but want to increase efficiency using AI.
  • You handle content localization within media companies, LSPs, or other industries looking to implement AI Dubbing in your company.

What is Dubformer

Dubformer is an end-to-end video localization solution with affordable voice-overs. Based on human-AI collaboration, we take businesses global in 70+ languages. Dubformer’s state-of-the-art AI technology disrupts the traditional localization market by going beyond subtitles and providing voice-overs at low costs.