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Dubformer Drives Down Content Localization Costs for Motorvision with AI Voice-over

The localization process for Motorvision, a German automotive-themed TV channel, is undergoing a transformative shift thanks to AI dubbing from Dubformer. This AI-powered localization solution has not only led to significant cost reduction but has also catalyzed Motorvision’s expansion into LATAM and other markets that were previously untapped.
February 1, 2024
As a leader on German TV, Motorvision delivers news, documentaries, and lifestyle content relating to the automotive world. With content available in seven languages, the channel has reached audiences worldwide. In the past, the localization was handled by teams of translators and voice actors. However, with the advent of AI video localization, Motorvision looked into the potential for optimization in their localization cycle for 30-60 minute TV episodes, as well as for short clips expanding their popular YouTube channel’s reach.
Through collaborating with Dubformer, Motorvision achieved a staggering 17% reduction in localization costs and saw improvements in production timelines.
Dubformer provided a subtitling solution for Greek and Brazilian Portuguese content, and four episodes were dubbed with AI voice-over in Latin American Spanish (LAS), receiving appreciation from audiences, linguists, and Motorvision’s internal teams. The significant cost reduction compared to non-AI market rates was particularly notable for the channel.
Dubformer’s incorporation of human proof-listening to the AI solution addresses challenges that are identified during testing: using the true pronunciation of specialized terms and eliminating the initial “robotic” ring of the AI voice-over. When required, distinct glossaries are developed for niche brand names and pronunciations. Dubformer also uses AI mixing to enhance the sound effects and sound quality.
Following this collaboration, Motorvision’s production process experienced substantial optimization in both timing and costs. To remain competitive and leverage AI-powered localization, Dubformer will expand Motorvision’s offerings with French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and potentially English AI dubbing.

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