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Honed by Humans: Navigating AI-Powered Dubbing Solutions

The media dubbing industry has been completely revolutionized by AI. In a heartbeat, AI dubbing, voice-over, and voice-cloning technology evolved to let anyone, from Hollywood actors to European politicians, speak different languages in natural voices.
March 28, 2024

Today, AI dubbing vendors promptly deliver localized voice-over right through their solution, using in-house technologies. There’s no longer a need for dealing with complicated and pricey multi-vendor management. However, it is essential to distinguish between the solutions on the market to balance the financial investment with the voice-over process demands.

Read on for Dubformer’s overview of key AI market solutions and their applications.

Real-Time Solutions

Live translation solutions are already developing today for live dubbed content streaming, such as the news and conference translation. Industry giants like YouTube, Meta, and Zoom are driving this innovation, which is especially relevant for:
- live updates, 
- meetings, 
- conferences. 
This technology is complex, the stakes are high – and so are the global platforms’ standards.

DIY Solutions with Customer’s "Post-production"

The next category of solutions offers automatic translation and lets the customer curate and verify the result, which makes it affordable for smaller-scale productions. The translations and voice-over are completed automatically; then the platform allows for proof-listening and direct editing by the customer. 
This type of AI voice-over is suitable for:
- content creators (Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, or YouTube Shorts, including general subject interviews);
- small businesses;
- training videos for any industry;
- brief and general educational courses without any specialized vocabulary.
Overall, automatic translation doesn’t guarantee the highest broadcast quality, ideal mixing, or accuracy with specialized terminology. The result is translated content without any human touch, which means there is no professional oversight and approval of the AI-generated work. On the plus side, such platforms do offer the customer a chance to edit AI voice-over on their own.
Automatic translation with in-platform editing is offered by HeyGen based on ElevenLabs R&D in natural-sounding speech synthesis software. In all the DIY options, both the contractor and the end client can customize and edit the AI voice-over output directly on their platforms.

End-to-End AI Dubbing

In the hybrid, comprehensive solutions, dubbing is completed and controlled by a single provider. End-to-end solutions integrate reviews by native language speakers as the final step in the AI dubbing process. Human proof-listeners adjust the flow and verify the end result; they are helping with translated humor, cultural references, and subtle nuances in intonation. Another advantage is that, unlike in pre-AI dubbing, the result could easily be edited even after delivery. These solutions are flexible to the customer’s edits, which are swiftly implemented. 
Dubformer, Papercup, and Deepdub provide human specialists for quick review and proof-listening, ensuring the highest quality and natural-sounding AI dubbing. The end-to-end curation creates the right solution for media production companies dealing in broadcasting media: 
- TV shows, 
- documentaries, 
- movies, 
- factual, 
- educational shows,
- animation. 

Want to learn more about AI dubbing solutions?

While AI dubbing translation software is constantly improving, industry leaders are addressing the needs of different budgets and the nuances of varied media genres. A hybrid offering with Dubformer is end-to-end, adaptive, and versatile, specifically tailored for media and entertainment localization, with use cases from media industry giants. Dubformer combines cutting-edge AI with meticulous human quality control for a synergy of AI-generated and human-curated results. This is a standout solution for FAST TV channels, which require smooth and quick localization without compromising on quality.
Our AI Dubbing solution is much more than just voice-over (i.e., no-frills content dubbing): it combines AI dubbing, voice-cloning, phrase-syncing, and AI mixing that preserves background sounds. Overall, Dubformer is at the forefront of the dubbing revolution, addressing the challenges of multilingual content distribution and making it easier for global audiences to enjoy content in their preferred language. 
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