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Talent synergy: Actors and AI Unite for  Authentic Dubbing

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It’s very common for AI to be considered an alternative to traditional dubbing, replacing voice talent, dubbing directors, and other parties.

But we believe that's not the case!

At this webinar, we discuss integrating AI in business for higher efficiency, without letting go of human talent and expertise.

During the webinar we cover:

The place and the
role of voice talent
in AI Dubbing

Is emotional
AI dubbing a dream
or the new reality?

How to create the perfect
mix of machine  efficiency
and human talent

Change management:
adjusting traditional
processes to the AI future

Innovations for business
efficiency: respecting
human expertise

Our Speakers

Olga Suvorova

Head of Localization



This Webinar Is For:

Service Providers

Dubbing Studios

Businesses with in-houselocalization teams

What is Dubformer

Dubformer is an Amsterdam-based AI startup that delivers broadcast-level quality dubbing and voice-over services to the media industry. The company leverages unique in-house technology, pairing it with human curation. Dubformer supports 70+ languages in 1000+ voices.